Boosting the immune system to kill a virus is different to trying to kill a bacterial infection.

Yes, I’m talking about the Corona Virus.

Are you taking the right medicine to protect yourself against viral infection?

Below are examples of patients who have enquired recently. You may find you relate to one of these senarios. The mentioned products are available at our clinic and can be couriered to you worldwide. Please note they are practitioner only products – strong and effective, so if you are interested please call 07 49467910 and qualified staff will chat to you about what is best.

Are you:

Trying to boost your immunity against the Corona Virus but you also have gut symptoms such as bloating? You need “Stealth Complex” by Mediherb which includes microbial killing encapsulated oils.

Prone to allergies and hoping to boost your immunity against the Corona Virus? You need “Liposomal liquid Vitamin C” by Bioceuticals. The Liposomal coating is the most potent format of Vitamin C available in the market today.

Often getting colds or the flu and know your respiratory system need a boost? You need “Immunocare” by Metagenics. The special type of highly absorbable zinc with Astragalus have been scientifically researched for efficacy.

Immune compromised (E.g. elderly, on chemotherapy, HIV etc)? You need to strictly follow medical advice, avoid crowds and speak to your Integrative Medicine Practitioner about products such as “Ribraxx”. Please call the clinic and speak to Racheal or Rowena as the complexity of your case requires further questions before prescription.

Aged under 12 and at school? You need “Immune Care For Kids” by Metagenics. Please remember that kids need a boost too. This powder tastes great and can be taken from 1-12 years.

Feeling healthy but wanting to remain proactive over the next few months whilst looking after other unrelated health issues such as hormone balance/ fatigue/ inflammation? Ask for liquid astragalus to be combined with a herbal mixture for your other ailments into one bottle. Liquid herbs are potent and effective.